Guided Tours

Ancient temples of our ancestors, sacral buildings, mysterious places or secret corridors of the Medici family, powerful energy places, crypts - chapels (places of purification), a tour of the oldest sacred places in Florence.

 How did the powerful families of Florence live, what did they build? 

The most famous artists Leonardo, Botticelli, Michelangelo. If you're coming to Florence for the first time, you definitely won't be able to leave the city without seeing the UNESCO saints' museums and churches. In high season, lines and waits at these places can be quite long, so I recommend buying a ticket online with a reservation that allows you to skip the line. 

The Uffizi Gallery, the Old Palace, the Accademia Gallery, the Piti Palace, the Medici Family Chapels, the Medici Family Villas, the Bargelo Museum as well as a tour of the Duomo, the Basilica of St. Cross, Santa Maria Novella Basilica, Orsanmichele Church, San Marco Monastery and Church, etc...

Uffizi Gallery Tour

A showcase of magnificent artworks, from 1200 to 1700 by Giotto, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio. Do not miss the breathtaking works of the Medici family, Botticelli's works of Venus and Spring. Michelangelo will surprise you with his painting talent, as well as Leonardo da Vinci's perspective.

Duomo tour

Overview of the Duomo Cathedral

Tour of the Duomo and Baptistery of Saint Giovanni, a divine, remarkable place where you can feel the divine energy, both inside and outside around the square.

Ascent to the dome designed by Brunulleschi.

Tour of the Opera del Duomo with its original cathedral works: Maddalena by Donatello, the golden doors of paradise by Ghiberti and Bandini Pietà by Michelangelo.

Academy Gallery Tour

The spectacular David by Michelangelo with a private Slovak guide who will be at your disposal. During your stay in Florence, you cannot miss the opportunity to meet one of the most famous artists of the world: Michelangelo. I will reveal to you the mysteries of the gallery and artworks, whose original pieces can be found right here. Michelangelo's original David, the four Prisoners, Saint Matthew and others.

Tourist guide for vacations and stays in Tuscany, Italy.

Have you ever thought what your traditional vacation may become with a professional tourist guide?

Enjoy the benefits of an holiday with a professional tourist guide:

Discover the most beautiful, interesting places according to preferences and interests, hiking trails or local routes where Florentines like to go, but also Italian tourists who like to visit their cultural and historical heritage.

- local businesses that are known and ranked among the best in both local and foreign customers. However, I would like to inform you that in traditional quality Tuscany's restaurants it is necessary to have an advance reservation due to the presence of a lot of clients. There, professionally trained staff will take you to the table and your food experience can begin.

- Get to know the great local bars, pastry shops, ice cream gelaterie, restaurants outside the main tourist traps that Italians like to visit themselves, and you will surely appreciate it.

Get information about well-equipped restaurants and bars, get great meals, prices and quality service!

- If you are interested in staying in a great place, to find out in advance a secure accommodation at a favourable price.

Due to overcrowded parking, in the city center you can pay for an hour of parking from 6 to 36 euros so parking in neighborhood areas in Villa Costanza or parking of Cascine in Florence, then take a tram as this will be the best and cheapest solution. Same of course, in the larger tourist towns such Siena and Lucca.

In San Gimignano there are two reserved car parks that are mostly overcrowded but there are options for a great tip for parking.

With the guide you have several advantages, and you can also enjoy your holiday in peace and in a quiet way. Moreover, you will learn interesting things of Italian history, archeology and culture.

- Combining this guide where to go, eat, park, drink, have fun and what to visit, saves a lot of time and money. In this case, your holiday will be a real holiday.

Vacation in Tuscany, Italy

Get in touch with the excursions in Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Lucca, Pisa, Assisi and experience the various beaches of the Etruscan Riviera. The Etruscan Riviera (Costa degli Etruschi) includes the world-famous Bolgheri region where they produce great Bolgheri DOC wine and other great branded wines or sought-after wine stores, vineyards, wine bars.

Moreover, the and beaches, very popular beaches in Tuscany ....

Arrange transportation to and from your place of residence, even with a luxury 8-seater vehicle or air-conditioned bus in case of this need. In the case of a private tour, the guide could advise you on how to travel by car or train.

Holidays by the sea in Italy and Tuscany.

Holiday by the sea is the most comfortable form of relax. You may have your favorite healing sea plus sun, pine park, outdoor pool and especially you can also order sun loungers and parasol comfort on the beach in high season up to 25 euros for a lounger plus parasol in low season from September for 15 euros per lounger plus umbrella.

Weekend stays in Florence, Tuscany and Italy.

Weekend stays are aimed to get you to know the country of Tuscany, getting to know the culture and eventually attending some nice cultural and local festivals, getting the traditions and history of the place. There are many local festivals in Italy from April to September with fireworks. So, you have something to look forward to.

In addition to professional guide in world-class locations:

I can arrange wine tasting and other activities according to your needs and expectations, cycle parades, cooking classes, horseback riding or carriage rides, for example in Florence or Siena.

Wine tasting where you can take part of a tour of the city or several places. For example, a tour of the town of Vinci where the Famous Leonardo da Vinci was born, and then a tour of his birthplace, wine tasting in the so-called Leonardo's wine cellars. Wine tasting usually lasts from 1 to 2 hours. The tasting is accompanied mostly by the presentation of wineries, various wines, where the guide of a winery explains different types of wine and their production.

Summer Festivities:

"Festa dell'unicorno", celebration of unicorn in Vinci town from 20 to 22 July every year (non-traditional festival lasts 3 days with guests from Holland, England, France and various parts of Italy). It is actually presenting in various film costumes mostly supernatural. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the town of Vinci, which is a relatively small town, but you have olive groves and vineyards around it, plus various house farms called "agriturismo".

"Festa del cieco Santo", Celebration of the Holy Blind.

Back in the past, the citizens of Vinci sold the town of Vinci to the municipal office of Cerreto Guidi, because they felt in love with a girl from that town. When the inhabitants of Vinci rebelled against such a thing, they punished the loved one!

In the evening there is a festival accompanied by knights and two buffaloes, carrying the accused along with his assistant - also a traitor, the people of Vinci dress in traditional Italian costumes, of course the culmination of this city theater is the point. The blind saint from Vinci was accused and imprisoned by local executioners in front of the people, he was thrown over the city from the highest tower in the village, but even before the cruel fate had the opportunity to ask one thing, what the citizen asks is a cup of good red wine chianti to protect him from the cruel fate of death. How he confirmed the ability of being a saint? When he was thrown from the tower, began to fly in the heat and flew into the gardens full of olive trees and vineyards, they declared him like a saint. It takes place every year and it is worth seeing and experiencing. A tradition that has its place. It is topped with beautiful organized fireworks lasting 20 minutes.

Tuscany and its most beautiful places.

The beauty of Tuscany is that it has cities and towns around rich and fertile land that was once covered with swamps; before Christ at the time of the paleontologist, there were large marshes. In a few thousand years, these marshes became a rich and fertile country in which they began to grow olive trees and vineyards. The overgrown rolling hills are lined up like soldiers on the rolling hills, the olive trees are still giving the beneficial medicine of olive oil.

I cannot forget the vineyards with their grapes that are tasty, and sometimes places such as Chianti region are curative.

The beauty of the Tuscany region is also in the diversity: each town is unique and original, sometimes on the hill you find ancient remains of walls or medieval town houses or the forgotten historic center, tower or fortress that is inhabited by perhaps five families.

The Tuscany region has the power to open your eyes and your heart and you will feel an incredible symphony, peace and joy of the moment.

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